Working at Remedus

Working at Remedus

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Our employees are of vital importance to the realization of our mission. Every day, our people put our vision into practice.

Working at Remedus includes working in an innovative environment in which concrete effort, valuable and innovative ideas, and teamwork are strongly appreciated. We have an open corporate culture; management and the different teams consult daily. There is lots of room to contribute and strive for quality and efficiency improvements.

The variety of job positions and the growing character of our young company will offer you several development possibilities and also ensure interesting contacts within and outside our company. Remedus still has a lot of ambition and that is why we are looking for employees who excel in what they do. At the same time, we realize that the best results come from employees who are satisfied.

That is why we invest plenty in care for our employees.

Why Remedus?

Because a career at Remedus involves you putting your passion for (home) health care and health into practice and because through that, you can make a difference for patients and their well-being and quality of life.

Our people are essential to our success. Whether you are a student or a trainee, have just graduated or are an experienced professional, every employee is a vital link in our organization and every employee gets a unique opportunity to leave their personal mark on their own work, career and the health-care world.

Even more: by working at Remedus, you will be a vital link in the innovation of health care.


At Remedus…

qualitative health care at home

innovative patient-oriented solutions

every employee makes a unique and valuable contribution

passionate about what we do


knowledge and know-how

Innovations and solutions

Innovations and solutions

At Remedus, we have a culture of innovation. Not only innovations concerning mobile health and therapy adherence… To us, it is a way of thinking in which we are open to new perspectives and work methods. How do we cherish this innovative spirit? Remedus is a place for anyone who loves to undertake and think ahead. That is why we encourage our employees to call the status quo into question and to think solution-oriented, past the obvious. It takes creativity, ambition and nerve to find answers to the challenges of tomorrow’s health care and create the future together.

Development and teamwork

Development and teamwork

At Remedus, we believe it is important that every employee continues to develop oneself. To us, career guidance is mostly about optimally using talent, building experience and competence, and picking things up as you go along. At Remedus, whether you grow professionally or not is not solely determined by promotion. Horizontal and personal growth also receive a lot of attention. We ask for our employees’ own responsibility and leadership.

At Remedus, we not only take care of our patients, health-care providers and customers, but we also take care of each other. We want to work together in an informal and relaxed atmosphere with a strong team spirit. Remedus is a workplace where colleagues help each other and the management’s door is always open. The result? Close collaborations, a positive work climate ánd inspiring teamwork!

Improved health care and meaningful work

Improved health care and meaningful work

At Remedus, we believe it is very important to listen to our customers (whether they are patients, health-care providers or the medical industry) – because they are the central point in all that we do. Our customers’ needs and the challenges health care is faced with today inspire us to develop ideas that can improve health care and people’s lives. Every employee strives to understand and support the customer through and through, so that we are able to offer solutions which have an impact, now and in the future.


Full-stack .net developer

As a Belgian pioneer in healthcare software Remedus focuses on providing web-based and mobile software solutions that enable healthcare providers to monitor the health status of their patients in their home environment.

Remedus partners with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to deliver software that supports physicians in their decisions to quickly adapt the treatment of their patients at home based on the registrations by the home nurses and patients during their treatment at home.  This allows Remedus to collect all data necessary to guarantee quality-driven healthcare for patients with chronic diseases or complex treatments at home.

Remedus facilitates optimal treatment of these patients by continuously developing its innovative software platform, RemeCare and the RemeCare app.

RemeCare is a highly innovative software platform, integrated with the Belgian eHealth Platform and with the software tools of hospitals and physicians. In order to further develop our platform, we are looking for developers to join our software development team.

Full-stack .net developer

You will be part of our development team, where you will be involved in the further expansion of our own product. At Remedus you will find many challenges:

  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Mobile app development
  • Complex algorithms
  • IoT medical devices
  • Integration with external applications

You will be constantly confronted with new ideas and suggestions from the market that need to be further developed.

You will be part of a motivated and driven team that takes ownership and is responsible for the further development of this product.

You will be part of a small team where you will take on a broad scope of responsibilities (front-end, back-end, integration with external parties, software packages, deployment, etc).



You are a ‘techie’ with an interest in various technologies and you get a boost from creating tangible and innovative products.  You are positive, look for solutions and are not afraid to take initiative. You are involved in open questions or issues and proactively think about better ways to build your software.

You have experience in

  • Back-end development in C# and Entity Framework
  • Front-end development in AngularJS using TypeScript
  • Mobile app development in Ionic
  • Unit testing
  • Source control (TFS, Git, Gated check-in, code review, build/release definitions)
  • SQL Server and T-SQL
  • Working in an Agile team

You are familiar with following topics: CQRS, Bootstrap, NPM, SSIS, SSRS, PowerShell, Azure, DevOps, IIS, REST, Web services, ADFS, BPMS

As a senior full-stack developer, you will also be able to:

  • Make good architectural decisions
  • Make correct estimates of the workload based on functional analyses
  • Assisting Medior/junior colleagues in their development
  • Technical analysis to be carried out

Medior and junior developers are given every opportunity to develop themselves.

Why Remedus?

At Remedus, you’ll have the opportunity to help build very tangible solutions for patients as part of a dedicated, driven and quality-focused team.

We are proud of what we build and believe that our software shall be instrumental in the shift from hospital-based care to home-based healthcare.

Remedus is a Belgian company with a family atmosphere and a lot of attention for its people.

Young Potential

Remedus who?

What do we do? Everything! Almost everything. In the health-care industry? Yes, in the health-care industry. And that is a great industry! We offer training, support, material, nutrition… to patients as well as caregivers and home nurses to enable them to perform high-quality home care. Does the patient have to go the hospital? No, we bring hospital care to the patient’s home! What more do you want?

When all is said and done, we really are one of thé pillars of home health care. That industry is booming, which is why we continue to grow and really want you to join our team. Together we will figure out what position suits you best. Do you like to work thematically and systematically and are you interested in several facets like care, logistics, IT, project management…? Then you are the one we are looking for!

We are looking for someone…

  • Whose memory is better than that of a fish – and who perhaps also holds a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the field of (para)medical or economic studies.
  • Who wants to go deeply into the world of home health care and wants to get acquainted with pharmaceutical as well as hospital-related projects.
  • Qui parle couramment le français, since we always answer the phone like this: “Remedus, hello, bonjour”.
  • Who stands firm and can work independently.
  • Who would rather compare oneself to cooked than uncooked spaghetti (in other words, is flexible).
  • Who is a busy bee, has a positive outlook on life and likes to have many people around.
  • Who has computer or laptop or tablet or mobile phone knowledge… in short: someone who is able to digitally manage on one’s own.

What do we have to offer you?

  • A job in the health-care industry, which will always make you feel like you are really helping people.
  • A young and very dynamic team (that sometimes also likes to live it up at Remedus drinks, barbecues…).
  • Very cliché: a competitive salary.
  • A little less cliché: extralegal benefits like meal tickets and hospitalization insurance.
  • Even less cliché: the chance to compose your own salary package (for example more vacation, tax-deductible contributions to a pension fund…).

Medical health-care coordinator

What does the job involve?

As an employee at our Planning department, you are part of Remedus’s heart.

You are responsible for planning our education nurses’ visits. You take all operational measures to ensure that visits are prepared as effectively as possible, practically as well as concerning health care.
You provide the education nurses with the necessary documents and material.
Apart from that, you coordinate all parties as efficiently as possible.

Your team is closely involved in all of Remedus’s departments, so you will come into contact with different aspects of the company.

Further, you watch over the quality of our health care and join in the search of solutions and improvement processes to optimize our working.

Are you the person we are looking for?

  • You hold a bachelor’s degree and have some experience in a plan-oriented position.
  • Affinity with nursing is an asset.
  • You fluently speak and write Dutch and French and have strong communication skills.
  • You have adequate knowledge of computers and are well up in administration.
  • You can treat confidential information discreetly.
  • You are a well-organized, positive and energetic person.
  • You know how to establish priorities in stressful situations. You are not put off by a dynamic environment and multitasking.
  • You can process a lot of information and are able to work according to procedures.
  • You are prepared to be on call.

What do we have to offer you?

  • You will be joining a very dynamic team.
  • Because of the company’s rapid growth, we continue to offer new projects and therapies, which keeps your job varied.
  • You will be given the opportunity to develop and grow a lot.
  • We offer a motivating salary package with extralegal benefits like hospitalization insurance and meal tickets. Further, we work with the Benefit Motivation Plan, which makes it possible for you to compose part of your salary package.

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