Cookie Statement

This cookie policy has been drawn up and is administered by Remedus BV, Boomsesteenweg 44, 2630 Aartselaar, hereinafter referred to as ‘Remedus’. All questions regarding this cookie policy can be directed to (dd 22/10/2021)

1. Information about our use of cookies

Remedus considers it important that you are able to view, listen to, read or experience the content of our website from any place and at any time through various channels. This is so that you can use the interactive features and Remedus can provide you with customised services. To do this, Remedus uses online technologies such as cookies, scripts and similar technologies (hereinafter “cookies”). Cookies help us to facilitate the use of the website and to improve its functionality by collecting (personal) data from our website visitors through their use of the website.

In this cookie statement Remedus wants to inform you about what kind of cookies are used and why.

This cookie statement applies to all Remedus online services, in particular all websites, (mobile) applications and internet services that Remedus offers and that give access to Remedus content.

Remedus can change the cookie statement at any time. This can be for example in case of changes to our services or in the applicable legislation. The amended statement will then be published on the websites of Remedus and will apply from the moment of publication.

If the use of certain cookies also involves the processing of “personal data”, the Remedus privacy statement will also apply.

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text fragments that a website stores in the web browser. The use of cookies makes it possible for a website to recognise a visitor’s browser in order to remember information about you. Cookies allow a website to recognise your browser so that you can browse a website more quickly and easily. They also allow your personal settings and preferences to be stored so that, for example, when you revisit the website, you do not have to select your preferred language again. Certain cookies may also be placed by a third party, for example Google Analytics for measuring the use of the website (these are so-called third-party cookies). If you do not want a website to place cookies on your computer, you can change your browser settings.

3. Which cookies are being used by us?

Below you can find a list of the cookies that can be activated on the Remedus website:

  • Essential Cookies. These cookies allow users to navigate around the website and use its essential functions. These cookies make it possible to provide a service or functionality explicitly requested by the user. These cookies may be set without your consent. We also recommend that you do not disable these cookies as this may disrupt basic functionality or access to certain parts of this website.
Cookies Provider Description Retention Period
rc::a This cookie is used to distinguish between humans and bots. Persistent
rc::c This cookie is used to distinguish between humans and bots. Session


  • Preference cookies. These cookies ensure that the website functions properly and guarantee faster and more efficient use. We ask your permission to place these cookies. At this moment Remedus does not use functional cookies on this website.
Cookies Provider Description Retention Period
Pll_language This cookie stores your language preferences so that each time you visit, the website is displayed in your preferred language. 1 year


  • Analytical cookies (statistics). These cookies collect data on the use of a website such as the number of visitors, the time visitors spend on a web page and error messages. We ask your permission to place these cookies. Remedus uses the following analytical cookies, based on your consent.
Cookies Provider Description Retention Period
_utma Collects data on the number of times a user has visited the website, as well as the dates of the first and most recent visits. 2 year
_utmb Records a time stamp with the exact time the user visited the website. 1 day
_utmc Records a time stamp with the exact time the user leaves the website. Session
_utmt Used to limit the speed of requests to the server. 1 day
_utmz Collects data on where the user came from, what search term was used, what line was clicked on and what search term was used. 6 months


4. How can I manage my cookies?

Essential cookies cannot be changed as they are necessary for the provision of the online services of this website. The information collected by these cookies is always anonymous, which makes identification impossible.

For other cookies, you can use our cookie consent tool to decide whether or not to accept certain cookies. Another way to manage the placement of cookies on your device is through your browser settings. You can also delete cookies already installed on your computer or mobile device at any time. If you choose to disable cookies, you can do so as follows, depending on the browser you are using:

If you use different devices to visit this website, please make sure that your cookie preferences are set on the browser of each device. Please note that disabling certain cookies may result in malfunction of related functions on the website, e.g. certain images may not be displayed or may be displayed incorrectly, or you may not be able to use certain online services.

5. Is cookie information being shared with third parties?

No cookie information is shared by Remedus with third parties. The cookie information collected during visits to the Remedus website is only processed by Remedus..

6. How long is cookie information being stored?

Cookies can be stored on your computer or mobile device for varying lengths of time. Depending on the type of cookie, they (and the information they collect) are automatically deleted when you close your browser (these are called “session cookies”), in other cases these cookies remain stored for a longer period of time and can be used during a subsequent visit to this website (these are called “persistent cookies”).

Please refer to the detailed information on Remedus cookies above (point 3.) to know the specific retention periods of the cookies

7. Changes to this cookie policy

Remedus may amend this Cookie Policy in accordance with certain technical, legal or commercial requirements and developments. The date of the last amendment of this Cookie Policy can be found at the top of this Cookie Policy.