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Suffering from a chronic disorder, as a patient you often need support and guidance. Professional service and involved follow-up are at the basis of our services. Remedus will offer customized qualitative care and follow-up to every patient. After all, every patient is unique.

Carefree start-up at home

Reliable medical follow-up

Correct and punctual delivery of your medical equipment

Within reach 24/7

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Health-care providers

Professional service and involved follow-up are at the basis of our services. We offer customized, qualitative patient care, because after all, every patient is unique. Discover our pillars which ensure carefree follow-up:

Easily referring patients to Remedus

Timely delivery of medical devices to patients at home

Qualitative follow-up of home treatment

Feedback on the patient’s evolution down to his or her medical file

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Remedus supports healthcare providers deliver value-based healthcare and improved patient outcomes. We realise scalable specialised care solutions and treatment initiation/follow-up of the patient at home, provide an innovative digital medical device solution, and support the medical community for effective and efficient care. Remedus works together with different stakeholders like pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, governmental institutions, healthcare professionals and homecare providers.

Best in Class Patient Care

Communication and Collaboration

Excellence in Quality and Processes

Outcome driven

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Our expertise

Customized hospitalization at home

Remedus ensures that patients at home receive the same qualitative care and service as they would at the hospital. Home treatment benefits the patient in many ways: he or she receives his or her treatment in his or her own trusted and comfortable home environment, while his or her doctor and a multidisciplinary team still follow his or her situation via RemeCare. That allows them to adjust the treatment according to the patient’s specific needs. This requires extra services that are not always available in standard home care, but that Remedus does cover. Below, you can read all about the 3 pillars on which we base our service.

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Our pillars

Carefree start-up at home thanks to adjusted education

We promise you a carefree transition from hospital therapy to home therapy, so that neither you nor your family have to be concerned with practical matters. We take care of all of that, while emphasizing proper and adjusted education for the patient, the caregiver and the primary health-care providers. We call this moment-of-care education.

Correct and punctual delivery of medical devices and technology

We provide all medical equipment, so that the patient or his or her home nurse do not have to sort that out. We also organize the delivery of medicines prepared at the hospital pharmacy.

Reliable medical monitoring and 24/7 within reach

Regular communication is necessary to make sure that the care or support properly fits the patient’s needs: we provide suitable coaching and monitoring throughout the entire health-care journey. Because of that, possible problems can sooner be brought to the attention of the doctor and rehospitalization can be avoided.

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RemeCare “M1 approved” by mHealthBelgium


16 August 2019

RemeCare “M1 approved” by mHealthBelgium

RemeCare Oncology was one of the first four mHealth apps included in the validation pyramid of mHealthBelgium. This approval means…

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RemeCare Candidate Prix Galien 2018


29 May 2019

RemeCare Candidate Prix Galien 2018

RemeCare (consisting of a web platform and smartphone application) is intended for use outside the hospital and allows caregivers to…

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Remecare-App validated as medical trusted app


01 May 2019

Remecare-App validated as medical trusted app

After years of development work and medical trials, Remedus is proud to announce that its RemeCare mobile health app has…

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