Patient Support Services

12 December 2018

The power of ‘Patient Support Programs’ (PSP)

More and more often, patients have a say in their health-care professionals’ decisions. That is important, because it impacts the patient’s involvement and it is one of the elements of the health-care journey in which support programs can really make a difference.

Related health initiatives are often fragmented, expensive and slowly implementable. The adjustable Remecare platform allows the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and health-care professionals to improve patients’ health outcomes, like the correct medication intake and quality of life.

Real solutions to real problems

In 2020, there will be more senior citizens (above the age of 65) than children under the age of 5. Those are not only interesting facts; those also form the basis for a disruptive trend in health care. We are in need of innovative, outcome-based health-care provision through digital, personalized health care, and related nursing services and technologies.

The successful patient support program: more than just digital

To realize a mix of human interactions and digital health solutions means to navigate through a complex environment of IT security and compliance requirements. Because of that, the need arises to find the right partner who can provide cost-effective, customized solutions. Those should allow pharmaceutical companies and health-care providers to improve patients’ commitment and results.

For patients and their families, adding a human dimension to patient support programs by focusing on education, symptom treatments, social and emotional support, insight into illnesses, practical and financial support, can really make a difference.

A win-win situation

An effective patient support program has to get full cooperation of health-care professionals as well as patients, which means that both groups should be able to see the advantage of it. Health-care providers should also be sure that the program does not replace their activities, that the information given to the patient is correct, balanced and evidence-based, and that the messages are not in contradiction with or replacing professional advice.

A well-structured patient support program should be easy to carry out and should let doctors save time, so they are able to focus on the medical aspects of the patient’s care. The final goal is effective and efficient health care.

Action-oriented results and communication

Education, behavior changes and outcomes reported by the patient via reliable, simple technology, are necessary to successfully influence and improve patient results.

The Remecare platform helps you to combine those elements into a holistic patient support program in a couple of simple steps. Work together with our experienced team to expand your patient support program which assists the start-up of and follow-up to treatments for chronic illnesses such as cancer, heart failure, rheumatism, bowel diseases, neurosis, psoriasis… at home. Our specific and customized programs help improve therapy adherence and quality of life, and ensure that your health-care journey will be successful.

  • Informing on the basis of rules and algorithms

Inform your patients consistently. Patients are able to indicate when and how they would like to receive a reminder to take their medication. On the basis of the rules and algorithms which have been established, Remecare will also notify the health-care team if an intervention is necessary. The Remecare platform enables health-care professionals to watch over all parameters, communicate with patients and monitor the reported patient outcomes.

  • Email

Messages can be sent on the basis of time, can be triggered by an action, can be based on a predefined target group, or are sent on the basis of specific behavior. Personalize messages and educational content to increase relevance and commitment.

  • Text messages

Selectively use SMSs or short text messages to stimulate desired actions. Encourage patients to take medication or draw them in using interesting content on the basis of configurable or automated rules.


Every course of every disease is different, just like every patient is different. Every patient thus experiences his or her illness differently. That is why each patient support program is adjusted to the challenges of the patient and the professional needs of our partners.

Remedus’s approved approach results in higher commitment and substantially better outcomes for the patient such as increased therapy adherence and quality of life. Those results show in all therapeutic areas, in all demographic categories and in all medication administration methods.



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