SmartBEAT: support program for elderly people suffering from chronic heart failure

14 December 2016

The SmartBEAT project focuses on the support of elderly people who suffer from chronic heart failure (CHF), and their network of family and friends, caregivers, cardiologists and other health-care professionals. With the help of the innovative, integrated SmartBEAT solution, the patient can take better care of himself or herself, thanks to home measurements and real-time feedback for his or her health-care providers. The project aims at better health-care results and an improved quality of life.

The SmartBEAT technology includes the following modules:

* Remote monitoring kit: a combination of sensors and communication technology to adequately monitor CHF patients’ health through the measurement of several clinical variables which the cardiologist considers to be essential.

* SmartBEAT Companion: a coaching app for smartphones linked to the monitoring kit; a user-friendly, mobile solution to facilitate self-care. The app will motivate the patient through personalized interfaces, self-measurements and coaching.

* Caregivers Portal: a web application which provides caregivers and health-care professionals access to (part of) the patient’s data. Personalized messages help to keep health-care providers posted on changes in the patient’s health values and alarms. Moreover, the platform offers a semantic search engine to point out research results and interesting, scientific developments to health-care providers, based on their keywords and personal interests.


All measurement data is analyzed by means of new algorithms and compared with personal threshold values to generate an automatic alarm if need be, so the patient’s treatment can be adjusted on the basis of his or her current state of health. The SmartBEAT functionality and algorithms are developed in consultation with cardiologists and are in line with the European Society of Cardiology’s (ESC) guidelines. Moreover, within the SmartBEAT project, there will specifically be looked for statistical correlations between data to establish knowledge and experience and thus improve treatment and therapy adherence.

In this project, Remedus is responsible for setting up the Caregivers portal and evaluating its user-friendliness for health-care providers.
More information about this European AAL project can be found here.

Project partners

  • Fraunhofer in Portugal
  • Centro Hospitalar São João in Portugal
  • Seniornett in Norway
  • Stichting Gezondheidscentra Eindhoven in The Netherlands
  • LifeOnKey in Israel
  • Vigisense S.A. in Switzerland
  • KempenLIFE in The Netherlands
  • Verhaert New Products and Services nv in Belgium
  • Remedus in Belgium


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